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A View from the Side of the Road by LE Barrett

A View from the Side of the Road (420 pages) is a collection of thirteen uniquely crafted short stories. Each story deals with original subject material and each story provides the reader with a different perspective on the human condition. Stories are poignant, intriguing, funny or mysterious, but always in the realm of what would be considered a good read. Inside this collection you will find unforgettable characters and events such as; an aged playwright who wants to solve a murder, a lonely Belfast woman searching for a new life, a great American author (Edna St. Vincent Millay) in her teens, Hallowell's local ghost pirate seeking salvation, A transformational clown involved in a love story, a feud between a rural mailman and the new guy in town, a revenge filled dentist with a broken heart and much more. Each story a well constructed tale designed to entertain, amuse, and move you in some small way. Lastly I perceive myself as a Maine writer so I believe if you are from Maine or New England you may get a little extra enjoyment out of the subjects, environment and the characters but many of the stories have a universal theme that can be enjoyed and understood by readers around the world.
LE Barrett
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About the author

​The road began for me in Hallowell, Maine. It has taken me several times around the world. I grew up in a remarkably small Maine city on a river, at a young age I became a Marine in Vietnam, I eventually had both a military and government career, I fathered three sons, received a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a Masters Degree from the University of Maine in Orono, ME. All along the road, I wrote, I thought, and I wrote some more. So that before my days drain away, I will have said what I came here to say. My work can be seen here and at LEBarrett.com, I currently have a new collection of poetry (63) called The Maine Poetic and will be coming out with a book on fiddleheads called Fiddlemainia, plus a new play called The Shadow Of The Soul. In early 2014 I plan to publish another collection of poetry called Verses From Beneath Granite Ledges.
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The Maine Poetic by LE Barrett

The Maine Poetic is a collection of sixty-three poems about Maine and other thoughtful unusual subjects. Each poem is an original piece of poetry written specifically for this collection and none of the poems have been published in any other source. For poetry readers that love traditional poetry or those that love not so traditional poetry you will find many selections for your particular taste. Many of the poems will give you the feel, the vision and the emotion of life in rural areas throughout the United States. You will find that this book is a powerfully constructed work of poetry by a very unique and original Maine poet.
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