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‘Til the Last Snowflake Falls (The Adventures of Fawn) (Book 1)
‘Til the Last Snowflake Falls (The Adventures of Fawn) (Book 1)

Follow Comet and Vixen’s precocious young daughter Fawn and her friends for non-stop exciting adventures, dangerous exploits, heart-warming stories, and plenty of North Pole magic! 

Each day, Fawn sneaks out to go exploring, looking for fun, friends and adventure. She finds them…and lots of unexpected danger as well.
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About the author

​Al E. Boy is an English teacher, originally from Canada, but currently residing in Seoul, South Korea.

Through almost 40 years as a Santa Claus, Al E. Boy developed quite a repertoire of tales to explain and answer the many questions children ask about Santa, the North Pole, his reindeer, and his friends, the elves.

It was this collection of tales which prompted him to begin writing The Adventures of Fawn. Through the young daughter of legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen, he's been able to weave an exciting, colorful, imaginative world which will delight readers of all ages!
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The Ona Pendulum (The Adventures of Fawn) (Book 2)
The Ona Pendulum (The Adventures of Fawn) (Book 2)

An evil elf is trying to destroy the magical device that enables Santa and company to live for centuries. Fawn and her friends must stop her.
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Far and Yet So Near (The Adventures of Fawn) (Book 3)
Far and Yet So Near (The Adventures of Fawn) (Book 3)

Santa’s reindeer fall under the control of a mysterious stranger. Fawn and company try to rescue them. But Fawn is reindeer-napped and taken to England.
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