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Poetic Potpourri by Marc Mullo

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About the author

​I was born on October 9th, 1973, right here in Thunder Bay, Ontario, the Lakehead as it’s known, the center of Canada geographically. I was raised here by my folks, Kal and Florence, and I have one younger brother, Eric.

Besides writing, I also enjoy camping, volunteering and walking. I consider writing as a therapy for my disability, depression, which I’ve struggled with since high school. I’ve been writing part time for 10 years, my other interests as a writer include fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

It’s my hope to even become a freelancer. Patience is probably my strongest trait, and being indecisive would be my weakest trait as a middle aged man.

My father’s family emigrated to Canada from Scandinavia back in 1951, and my mother’s family have an Italian and Ukrainian background, having lived in the east end of this community back in the day. My folks and brother also still reside here, my dad worked in the offices of Resolute Forest Products (as it’s known today) for 31 years, my mom has worked as a nurse and housewife for almost 50 years total, 10 years in nursing, and 40 years as a homemaker.

May God bless you all. Look for future titles by yours truly wherever you shop, thanks, bye for now.
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